Our kindergarten focuses  on the personal development of every child. Our teachers set individual learning and development goals and follow the progress of each child throughout the whole period the child is at our Kindergarten. 


  • Project Based Learning

    The curriculum is well-balanced and uses games and activities to to create a seamless learning environment for the child. 

    Most of our teaching is done through developing different Projects. The Project Base Learning is the core of our integrated work with children.

    Our educational activities cover all range of thing that can be suitable and useful for young children.

    We teach them about Nature and Math, about Family and Society, about Health and Hygiene.

    We do a lot of Art and Music activities which take significant part of the kindergarten days.

    But we are keeping in mind that Fun should be everywhere.

    We incorporate play and games in all type of our activities, and also leave enough time to children to play freely and enjoy their own curiosity and creativity.


  • Feel free to ask more about our curriculum!